Raccoons or Ailens in the Attic

It can even occasionally seem like an entire herd of elephants running around in your loft. “What’s that?” Can it be aliens in your loft? Although it’s most likely not aliens in your attic, it sure seems like it occasionally.

Raccoons are renowned for finding their way to areas that are dark, woody, and with a great deal of places to hide. Your attic may be the best place for raccoons to bed down, create nests, and also deliver litters of baby raccoons. They can often get in straight through harm on your roof, or they can find areas on your eaves, vents, or chimney to get in the attic. Once they’ve made their home in your loft, they can cause considerable damage.

The very best method of eliminating raccoons from the loft is prevention. Make certain all attic windows are shut and secured, inspect annually for weak spots on your roof and openings in your eaves. Check to make certain that there are no cracks, holes, or some other areas for raccoons to get in and take up residence in your attic. If they’re there, there are a lot of ways of eliminating raccoons from the loft.

The best method to remove raccoons in the loft inexpensively is to set traps. These are little pliers, which you can lure and trap a raccoon in without injuring it. As soon as you’ve captured the raccoon (or raccoons), contact animal control to get them removed from your loft securely. Animal control will probably move the raccoons to a location where they are not likely to find their ways back into your loft.

If there are too many raccoons, or you can not appear to catch them with the traps, you might wish to consider contacting a professional exterminator. They’ll come into your house, evaluate the situation, and discover a way to remove the animals in the most humane way possible.

Once all the raccoons are taken out of your attic, you’ll have to do maintenance and repair work. You’ll have to make certain that there are no other methods for the raccoons to re-enter your house, and do routine inspections to keep your house pest-free.

If you reside in St Catharines and you’ve seen the signs of squirrels then it is advisable to speak to an animal control specialist.

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